Argentinelee uses interactive video installations, performance, photography and sculpture, and all the current tools of the digital image to study the new relationship between humans and machines. Argentinelee questions the new patterns dictated by the computer-aided society. The feedback connections between emotions and logics, individuality and standardization are key. The work of Argentinelee reveals the excess of mechanization and virtualization in the postmodern world, in which speed of progress supersedes humanity and sensibility in favor of power and control. In her art, Argentinelee expresses the problems emerging in a novel technological environment, opposing a strong man to a weak man by way of new media, such as computer, digital video and digital sound.


Argentinelee is a Korean artist based in Paris. She shows in reknown parisian venues and galleries such as Le Palais de Tokyo (2003) or the Korean Cultural Center (2008). She also shows extensively throughout South Korea: in places such as the Keumho Art Museum in Seoul (solo show, 2005) ), the Seoul Museum of Art (group show, 2005) and the Busan Modern Art Museum (group show, 2008).
ArgentineLee won several prizes in France and Korea, including the Young Artist’s prize of the Kumho Art Museum in Seoul in 2005, and the Korean Artist prize from the Korean Cultural Center in Paris in 2008.